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Beef & Vegetable Curry

Item image: Beef & Vegetable Curry

  • Fully cooked and thermo-stabilised in a sealed retort pouch.
  • 2yrs shelf-life in ambient temperature.
  • Australia beef tenderly cooked with onion, potato, carrot, tomato, apple and chutney.
  • Spice profile is mild so that the flavour attracts a wide range of end users.
  • No preservatives used, just generous quantities of meat and vegetable contained. No need to add other ingredients. Just warm up and serve.
  • Perfect for bain marie serving in a range of food service and retail outlets.
  • Made in a factory in Japan that produces retort pouch products for over 30 years.


4 x 3kg pouch (12kg/MC)


Product is fully cooked. Just warm up and serve.

Retort Pouch Meal



Japanese Speciality